Special Projects


Stevens Towing moved this basket empty about two months ago and delivered it to the cable manufacturer. We received it directly from vessel and barged it upriver to the Bushy Park barge slip where our crane discharged it from a barge to J.E. Oswalt & Sons trailer delivering it to the cable manufacturer to be


Stevens Shipyard recently splashing one of the five (195’ x 35’) material barges that came to our shipyard for a life extension. These barges were purchased out of the inland river system and towed around to the East Coast. On the way to their project location, they stopped at our shipyard to prepare them for


Stevens Towing recently completed the job of handling 6 large automotive press components. We were hired by Baggio, a freight forwarder who oversaw the logistics for the press manufacturer. Due to their size and weight they were not able to get a rail clearance or truck permits to depart Columbus Street Terminal. In order to


Stevens Towing just completed the delivery of 3 patrol boats, 2 spare boat trailers and 1 TEU to the Caribbean. All these items were loaded at our shipyard on Yonges Island, SC with our Clyde 32 140 ton floating crane to the Stevens 2501 (250' x 54' x 13') ABS deck barge. Once everything was

Stevens Towing Assists w/ NS Savannah Reactor Decomissioning

Stevens Towing partnered with Edwards Moving and Rigging and Crofton Diving to assist in the removal of a decommissioned nuclear reactor from the NS Savannah in Baltimore, MD.  The NS Savannah (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NS_Savannah) was originally built as a nuclear powered cargo and passenger vessel and has been sitting in Baltimore as a museum piece for the

Stevens Towing Deploys 3,000 Tons of Material for NC Offshore Reef

Our Special Projects Team along with our tug Sea Crescent and her Crew completed an offshore artificial reef deployment in North Carolina last week. Our Team loaded approximately 3,000 tons of concrete culvert onto our Stevens 2501 ABS deck barge in the Port of Wilmington. Once the loading was complete, the Sea Crescent towed the

Stevens Towing Shipyard Dry-docks 1745 Ton Cutter Suction Dredge for Refit at Yonges Island

The Stevens Towing Shipyard recently completed the dry docking of a cutter suction dredge at Yonges Island.  The project required the majority of our workforce in the shipyard to work (2) 12 hour shifts and utilized roughly 70 personnel onboard the dredge.  Trades collaborating included ABS ship fitters, welders, pipe fitters, pipe welders, electricians, UHP

Stevens Towing Assembles and Deploys New Offshore Reef in Coastal South Carolina

The Stevens tug Sea Crescent and her crew completed the deployment of another near-shore structure for South Carolina’s artificial reef program.  Coastal Conservation Association of South Carolina and South Carolina DNR procured ten 40’ shipping containers, an old water tower and a 10’ concrete shark (yes, you read that correctly) and delivered them to our

Stevens Towing delivers two Navy vessels from West Coast to East Coast

Our ABS tug Sea Crescent completed a long coastwise trip moving two military boats from the West Coast to the East Coast.  The first boat was the new construction YT 809 which weighed around 515 tons and was loaded in Seattle, WA.  The floating crane Pacific was used to load the YT onto our Stevens

Stevens Towing Delivers Paper Mill Components from Maine to Georgia

Stevens Towing delivered 2 Tadd Rolls (78 metric tons each) and 1 Yankee Dryer (133.5 metric tons) to the GPA’s Mayors Point Terminal in Brunswick, GA for a paper manufacturer in Macon, GA. The three pieces were trucked from Brunswick to their final destination in Macon. Most of the route from the manufacturer to the

Stevens Towing Delivers 200′ GE Wind Turbine Test Blade

Our tug Island Trader completed delivery of a 200' long General Electric wind turbine test blade to Boston, Mass. in February.  The blade was trucked across the US to Charleston, SC where we loaded it onto a 220' ABS deck barge and secured it for coastwise transit.  Our tug Island Tide passed the loaded barge

Stevens Completes 2nd Mitsubishi Delivery to Mt. Vernon, In.

The Stevens tug Sea Crescent has completed their second delivery of a Mitsubishi turbine to Mt. Vernon, In.  Both turbines were loaded at Ocean Terminal in Savannah, Ga by our 500 ton floating derrick Savannah Giant.  The turbines weighed 372 short tons each and were transferred from rail cars to our Stevens 2501 ABS deck

Stevens Towing Supports Dredging Project in Wilmington, NC

Stevens Towing's tugboats and barges recently completed a dredging support project for Orion Marine Group in Wilmington, NC. The project utilized our inland tugs, Island Fox and Royal Engineer; two 3,000 ton super jumbo hopper barges (260' x 52'6"); two deck barges (170' x 39'), and (160' x 52' x 10'); and our crane barge

M/V Coastal Venture transports ship component cargo from Europe to the United States

The M.V. Coastal Venture recently completed the delivery of ship components which were loaded in Ipswich, UK, Bremerhaven, Germany, and Bergen, Norway. After consolidating all of these cargoes which included generators, propeller shafts, propulsion motors, and various other components, they were delivered to a shipyard on the US West Coast. The components are designated for

Stevens Towing Completes Project at Kings Bay Naval Base in Georgia

Stevens Towing Company recently completed a job working with GPA Technologies and the US Navy to relocate a floating barrier system at the Kings Bay Naval Base in St Mary’s, GA. The project utilized one deck barge, one crane barge, the tug Island Merchant and members of our heavy lift team. Barrier anchors were pulled

Charleston Heavy Lift salvages sunken yacht in Charleston Harbor

Our Charleston Heavy Lift Team removed a sunken yacht from the Charleston jetties in April.  Divers from Salmons Dredging installed the rigging under the sunken vessel and had the rigging secured prior to our arrival.  Our Charleston Heavy Lift team brought the yacht to the surface using our Stevens Clyde 32 floating crane and started

Stevens Delivers Power Gen Pieces to St. Clair, MI. via the St. Lawrence Seaway

Our ABS tug Sea Crescent delivered 2 GE diffusers and 2 GE turbines to St. Clair, MI in September for Mammoet.  The diffusers were loaded in Savannah, GA onto our Stevens 2501 ABS deck barge while the turbines were loaded in Charleston direct from rail car with our 500 floating derrick Ocean Ranger and our

Decking, Assembly and Float-In of Pearlson Shiplift for RMK Merrill Stevens

Our Shipyard crew, Heavy-Lift team and tug Sea Crescent completed a months long project in August, 2019 for RMK Merrill Stevens.  The project began with the Sea Crescent picking up the pieces for RMK's new Pearlson Shiplift from a steel fabricator in Norfolk, Va and bringing it to our Shipyard on Yonges Island.  Our Heavy

Stevens Towing Completes Pearlson Ship-Lift Installation for Savannah Yacht Center

Our shipyard crew and Heavy Lift team completed the last phase of a large, months long project for the new Savannah Yacht Center with the final delivery and float-in of the Savannah Yacht Center's new Pearlson Shiplift in May.  This project included picking up the disassembled shiplift in Norfolk, VA and delivering it to our

Stevens Towing Delivers Air Force One Replica to Washington, DC

Stevens Towing was contacted to help move a replica of Air Force One from Rhode Island to Washington, DC.  The full sized but inoperable 747 was rolled onto our Stevens 2501 ABS deck barge and secured for coast-wise transit.  Our tugs Sea Crescent and Island Trader provided the power for the move which included both

Island Merchant Delivers Two Rotors to Port Everglades

The Stevens tug Island Merchant completed two trips from Charleston to Port Everglades to deliver two rotors for Florida Power and Light.  For each trip, the rotor was loaded in Charleston with one of our floating cranes directly onto a Guy M Turner SPMT that had already been assembled on the barge.  The Stevens Team

Stevens Towing Deploys 3,000 Tons of Material For Ga. Reef Project

Stevens Towing worked with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to deploy 3,000 tons of material for an off-shore artificial reef 15 miles off the coast of Brunswick, Ga.  The Stevens team loaded the material consisting of steel chicken coups and concrete ruble to one of our ABS deck barges at Liberty Harbor in Brunswick. 

Charleston Heavy Lift and Savannah Heavy Lift perform two crane lift of a Clyde 28

Cooper T. Smith contracted us to lift one of their Clyde 28 ship lightering cranes and move it from its old barge to a brand new replacement barge. This task required both the "Savannah Giant" and the "Ocean Ranger" heavy lift cranes to work in conjunction to lift the 575 ton crane and precisely place

Charleston Heavy Lift and Stevens Towing remove old Highway 41 bridge span to sink for a reef

The Ocean Ranger, Charleston Heavy Lift's 500 ton floating crane lifted the center turn bridge span (approximately 200 tons) from the old Hwy 41 Wando River bridge and placed it on a deck barge. This bridge and barge combination will become a sunken reef offshore of Charleston later this month. We appreciate the opportunity to

Charleston Heavy Lift LLC with Stevens Salvage Team Lifts Sunken Barges and Crane in the Folly River

Four barges and a crane belonging to a marine construction company sank in the Folly River near Charleston, SC. Due to its impeding navigation of the river we were hired to remove these items and dispose of them. In partnership with Salmons Dredging’s Commercial Divers we were able to remove these items from the river

Charleston Heavy Lift picks sunken barge in Wando River

The "Ocean Ranger", Charlestons New Heavy Lift Floating Crane performed their first salvage operation since it was recently completed. We received a call from a dredge company that was working on a project in the Wando River and had a barge sink. They asked us to salvage the barge and take it to our shipyard

Florida Power & Light receives 104 ton Siemens rotor in Port Everglades

A 104 ton Siemens rotor traveled from Charleston, SC to Port Everglades, FL on a Stevens Towing tug and barge. Guy M. Turner, who contracted us trucked the piece to Columbus Street Terminal in Charleston. Our Clyde 32 floating crane picked the rotor and placed it on Guy M. Turner's Goldhofer trailer which we previously

M/V Coastal Venture completed the last leg of a 12,500 nautical mile journey from Tacoma, WA to Constantza, Romania via Charleston, SC and Bizerte, Tunisia

The M/V Coastal Venture recently completed the last leg of their journey delivering cargo comprised of trucks, Humvee's, de-icer trucks, trailers, and containers to Constantza, Romania. Bizerte Naval Base, Tunisia was the first stop where the ship discharged a navy patrol vessel, containers and several new pickup trucks. For the crew, this prolonged voyage was

M/V Coastal Venture delivers 39TEUs of Class 1 Dangerous Goods to Valdez, AK

The M/V Coastal Venture recently completed the 16 day voyage to Valdez, AK for the government. They delivered 39TUEs of Class 1 cargo to the Port of Valdez, AK where they were met by the Army National Guard who delivered it to its final destination

M/V Coastal Venture Delivers Cargo from Charleston, SC to San Diego, CA for General Dynamics

Stevens Transportation’s ship, the M/V Coastal Venture recently made the 18 day voyage from Charleston, SC to San Diego, CA via the Panama Canal to deliver main propulsion motors, rudders, and rudder stocks to General Dynamics. Loading the MV Coastal Venture from idowerk on Vimeo.

Tugs at Work

Charleston Harbor Bulk Cargo for NUCOR Steel

Stevens Towing transported almost 1,000,000 tons of bulk steel commodities in the first quarter 2008 for NUCOR Steel. We moved a 1,000,000 tons of bulk cargo in only 74 days. These million tons of cargo used a total of 500 260 ft. X 52.5 ft. super jumbo hopper barges. The 500 barges are equivalent to

Stevens moves Heavy Lift Crane

Stevens Towing successfully pushed the Charleston Giant to Savannah, GA in order lift two (2) electrical transformers weighing in at 347 short tons a piece. The trek to Savannah involved Stevens Towing's tugboat captains to navigate 106 nautical miles of Atlantic Intra Coastal waterway and 7 bridges while pushing a 180ft x 82ft  floating crane

Stevens Towing Assisted Norsar, LLC. and American Marine Co.’s Mega move to Africa

Three Stevens Towing Tugs assisted Captain Garry Matthews and American Marine out of Charleston Harbour with four of Charleston's oldest Terminal Cranes bound for Nigeria. These four Terminal Cranes rested on a 400X100 barge that cleared the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge by only 10 feet. The tow departed safely out of Charleston Harbor and commenced

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