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Since the late 17th century, the Stevens family has resided in the state of South Carolina. From Colonial times to the present day, the Stevens have recognized the needs of the community at-large. Throughout history, they have responded by providing service, invention, and ingenuity.

The Stevens family witnessed & survived several important historical changes.

From the early 1800s, family members have persevered in occupations such as doctors, ministers, storekeepers, and planters.

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Stevens Completes 2nd Mitsubishi Delivery to Mt. Vernon, In.

The Stevens tug Sea Crescent has completed their second delivery of a Mitsubishi turbine to Mt. Vernon, In.  Both turbines were loaded at Ocean Terminal in Savannah, Ga by our 500 ton floating derrick Savannah Giant.  The turbines weighed 372

Stevens Towing Supports Dredging Project in Wilmington, NC

Stevens Towing's tugboats and barges recently completed a dredging support project for Orion Marine Group in Wilmington, NC. The project utilized our inland tugs, Island Fox and Royal Engineer; two 3,000 ton super jumbo hopper barges (260' x 52'6"); two

Stevens Delivers Power Gen Pieces to St. Clair, MI. via the St. Lawrence Seaway

Our ABS tug Sea Crescent delivered 2 GE diffusers and 2 GE turbines to St. Clair, MI in September for Mammoet.  The diffusers were loaded in Savannah, GA onto our Stevens 2501 ABS deck barge while the turbines were loaded

Stevens Towing Delivers Air Force One Replica to Washington, DC

Stevens Towing was contacted to help move a replica of Air Force One from Rhode Island to Washington, DC.  The full sized but inoperable 747 was rolled onto our Stevens 2501 ABS deck barge and secured for coast-wise transit.  Our

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