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Since the late 17th century, the Stevens family has resided in the state of South Carolina. From Colonial times to the present day, the Stevens have recognized the needs of the community at-large. Throughout history, they have responded by providing service, invention, and ingenuity.

The Stevens family witnessed & survived several important historical changes.

From the early 1800s, family members have persevered in occupations such as doctors, ministers, storekeepers, and planters.

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Charleston Heavy Lift and Savannah Heavy Lift perform two crane lift of a Clyde 28

Cooper T. Smith contracted us to lift one of their Clyde 28 ship lightering cranes and move it from its old barge to a brand new replacement barge. This task required both the "Savannah Giant" and the "Ocean Ranger" heavy

Charleston Heavy Lift and Stevens Towing remove old Highway 41 bridge span to sink for a reef

The Ocean Ranger, Charleston Heavy Lift's 500 ton floating crane lifted the center turn bridge span (approximately 200 tons) from the old Hwy 41 Wando River bridge and placed it on a deck barge. This bridge and barge combination will

Charleston Heavy Lift LLC with Stevens Salvage Team Lifts Sunken Barges and Crane in the Folly River

Four barges and a crane belonging to a marine construction company sank in the Folly River near Charleston, SC. Due to its impeding navigation of the river we were hired to remove these items and dispose of them. In partnership

Charleston Heavy Lift picks sunken barge in Wando River

The "Ocean Ranger", Charlestons New Heavy Lift Floating Crane performed their first salvage operation since it was recently completed. We received a call from a dredge company that was working on a project in the Wando River and had a

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