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Safety and the environment are the highest priority at Stevens Towing. Our commitment to reflecting that priority in our decisions, training and daily operations is evident on every project. Every employee is aware of the company’s environmental policies and the importance of keeping safety and the environment a top priority.

Tugs and barges are one of the most efficient methods of transporting cargo on Earth. A “Super Jumbo” is our most commonly used hopper barge. One Super Jumbo hopper barge can carry 3000 tons of cargo, or the equivalent of over 120 truckloads while burning only 10 times the fuel of one truck. This equates to a 1000% reduction in air emissions over trucks.

In addition to a substantially reduced fuel burn per ton mile, the tug and barge combination is statistically safer, cleaner, and helps to reduce traffic congestion on highways. Stevens is currently re-powering our mid-sized tugs with Tier II Volvo diesels that are more fuel efficient and produce fewer emissions than current engines.

We are currently replacing our hydraulics oils with natural vegetable based hydraulic oil. All of our tugs have equipment on board that enables us to respond to oil spills in our locations.

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