Stevens Towing recently completed the job of handling 6 large automotive press components. We were hired by Baggio, a freight forwarder who oversaw the logistics for the press manufacturer. Due to their size and weight they were not able to get a rail clearance or truck permits to depart Columbus Street Terminal. In order to overcome this obstacle, we received these six large components which arrived by ship and they were direct discharged to our Stevens 2501 (250′ x 54′ x 13′) deck barge. Once secured, we moved them up river and inland to a terminal closer to the auto manufacturer in the upstate to their final destination. At this terminal we discharged the units from our barge with the Ocean Ranger, our 500 ton floating crane and loaded them onto J.E. Oswalt & Sons self propeller transporter where they were put on stand/beam in storage. Due to the size and dimensions of the pieces, to move these even from the inland terminal required a very specialized trailer. For this specialized trailer our customer hired Barnhart Crane & Rigging to move the 6 pieces one at a time from storage to site. This project took a tremendous amount of planning and teamwork between a multitude of difference companies to make it a success.

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