Stevens Towing Assembles and Deploys New Offshore Reef in Coastal South Carolina

The Stevens tug Sea Crescent and her crew completed the deployment of another near-shore structure for South Carolina’s artificial reef program.  Coastal Conservation Association of South Carolina and South Carolina DNR procured ten 40’ shipping containers, an old water tower and a 10’ concrete shark (yes, you read that correctly) and delivered them to our Shipyard where they were assembled onto our old Church Creek inland deck barge.  The Church Creek barge (260’ x 50’) had been outfitted with valves and prepped for sinking so once the containers, water tower and shark were secured to her deck, she was ready for her last voyage.  The Sea Crescent towed the barge to her final resting place located off Edisto, SC in an area know as the Edisto 60.  Once on site and under the supervision of SC DNR, the Sea Crescent crew boarded the barge and opened the valves sending her down to her new home.  Stevens Towing is very grateful to the South Carolina CCA, South Carolina DNR and all the other groups that helped make this project possible and that are dedicated to preserving the marine habitat of our coastal waters for the generations to come.

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