Stevens Towing Shipyard

What started as a small operation to repair and maintain our own fleet has grown to a full-service Shipyard that services tugs, barges, floating cranes, crew boats, dredges, ferries and just about anything else made of steel, aluminum and even wood.

Services and Capabilities

Facility Details

  1. 820mt Travel Lift Pier
  2. Railway III (1,800lt Capacity)
  3. North Yard
  4. Sand / Media Blasting Station
  5. Railway I (500lt Capacity)
  1. 820mt Marine Travel Lift “Susan G”
  2. 150mt Marine Travel Lift “Captain Bill”
  3. Warehouse
  4. Floating Dock
  5. Fixed Pier
  1. Mechanics Shop
  2. South Yard
  3. Main Office
  4. Fleeting Area (not pictured)

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