Decking, Assembly and Float-In of Pearlson Shiplift for RMK Merrill Stevens

Our Shipyard crew, Heavy-Lift team and tug Sea Crescent completed a months long project in August, 2019 for RMK Merrill Stevens.  The project began with the Sea Crescent picking up the pieces for RMK’s new Pearlson Shiplift from a steel fabricator in Norfolk, Va and bringing it to our Shipyard on Yonges Island.  Our Heavy Lift team unloaded the pieces from our Stevens 2501 deck barge and transported them to one of our work stations in the Shipyard.  Our Shipyard crew installed the wood decking on the platform surfaces and prepped the platform for assembly.  Our Heavy Lift team then assembled the completed Shiplift back onto our Stevens 2501 deck barge and secured it for ocean transport.  The Sea Crescent towed the fully assembled Shiplift from Yonges Island to Miami where we partnered with Miami locals Hempstead Marine for the tow up the Miami River to RMK’s facility.  This was a very tricky operation as some of the bridge has less than 2′ of clearance due to the overhang of the Shiplift over the sides of the barge (to our knowledge, this was the widest tow to ever move up the Miami River).  The Sea Crescent moved the platform into her slip at the RMK yard and our Heavy Lift team, working with the Brownie Company (also from Miami), ballasted the barge down and set the Shiplift on stands.  Once set, the Sea Crescent pulled the barge from under the Shiplift and Brownie jacked it down into position.  Thanks to everyone that worked with us on the very challenging project and helped make it a success.


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