Stevens Towing Supports Dredging Project in Wilmington, NC

Stevens Towing’s tugboats and barges recently completed a dredging support project for Orion Marine Group in Wilmington, NC. The project utilized our inland tugs, Island Fox and Royal Engineer; two 3,000 ton super jumbo hopper barges (260′ x 52’6″); two deck barges (170′ x 39′), and (160′ x 52′ x 10′); and our crane barge (150′ x 55′) matched with an American 9310 crawler crane.  Several challenges emerged, including a large amount of trees and natural debris that had to be separated from the dredge spoilage before being pumped to the upland disposal area. A special screen was designed and installed on the hopper barges to separate the debris from the spoilage. The debris was then transferred to the 170′ x 39′ deck barge for transport to an approved disposal area while the spoilage under the screens was pumped out. This project lasted eight months from start to completion.

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