Charleston Heavy Lift picks sunken barge in Wando River

The “Ocean Ranger”, Charlestons New Heavy Lift Floating Crane performed their first salvage operation since it was recently completed. We received a call from a dredge company that was working on a project in the Wando River and had a barge sink. They asked us to salvage the barge and take it to our shipyard for repair. This entailed working with a local dive team in the area to place all the necessary rigging under the sunker barge to support it in a way that it could be lifted from the river bottom without damaging the barge. Once this was done, the crane arrived, attached to the rigging, and was able to lift the 70′ x 30′ deck barge that was full of water to the surface. We got the barge pumped out and patched the holes in the barge so it would float until a railway at our shipyard becomes available to pull the barge out for repair.

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