Stevens Towing delivers two Navy vessels from West Coast to East Coast

Our ABS tug Sea Crescent completed a long coastwise trip moving two military boats from the West Coast to the East Coast.  The first boat was the new construction YT 809 which weighed around 515 tons and was loaded in Seattle, WA.  The floating crane Pacific was used to load the YT onto our Stevens 2501 ABS deck barge (250′ x 54′ x 13′).  After securing the YT for coastwise transit, the Sea Crescent towed the Stevens 2501 to San Diego, CA.  With the help of our friends at Pacific Tug in San Diego, the 80 ton Navy TWR 6 Devil Ray was loaded onto the Stevens 2501 in order to be repositioned to the East Coast.  The Sea Crescent then sailed for the East Coast via the Panama Canal.  Our first port of call on the East Coast was Chesapeake Beach, MD where the TWR 6 Devil Ray was safely discharged.  The Sea Crescent then made for the J. Goodison Shipyard in North Kingstown, RI to unload the YT.  The Sea Crescent crew positioned the Stevens 2501 into J. Goodison’s travel lift slip and the YT 809 was lifted and placed into the water with Goodison’s 900 ton Marine Travel Lift.  North Kingstown was the closest location to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME that had the capacity to discharge the vessel so the Sea Crescent towed the YT 809 from North Kingstown, RI up to its final destination of Kittery, ME where it will be based.  Thanks again to everyone that helped make this move a success.

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