Shipyard Located Just South of Charleston SC

Stevens Towing has conducted business in marine towing, barge charter and marine repair for over 100 years. We are located 25 miles south of Charleston S.C. at mile marker 490 on the Intracoastal Waterway. Our shipyard has 2 Marine Railways: 1650 short ton for vessels up to 300' long or 80'wide and 280 short ton for vessels up to 130' long x 35' wide; as well as a 150-ton Marine Travel lift; in addition to 500' of dockage for topside marine repairs. Other equipment includes a 500-ton crane barge available in the harbor to complement these.

Stevens Shipyard, Charleston, SC

We employ highly trained certified welders, blaster/painters, mechanics, electricians, and outside machinists. Our team knows boats, barges and the practice of good marine repair since we maintain our own vessels in addition to our commercial repair work.


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