Heavy Lift / Salvage Floating Heavy Lift Cranes

The Charleston Heavy Lift and Savannah Heavy Lift Cranes are designed to 500 short ton capacity.

Both cranes are fully certified and based in the Port of Savannah, GA and the Port of Charleston, SC.


Charleston Heavy Lift Savannah Heavy Lift

Salvage is defined as saving property from danger. This extends back to 1645 from the Old French word – Salver meaning "to save."  Stevens Towing Company has expertise and equipment "to save" your property from danger.  Our Salvage Master, Jenkins Montgomery, has worldwide salvage experience from his time with Titan Salvage.  He participated in saving an oil rig in the North Sea, a Ned Lloyd ship off of Brazil, barge removals in India and South Africa, and salvage of a 1000ft vessel offshore of Germany.  Jenkins is most noted for his work as the operator that lifted the C.S.S. Hunley from her watery grave offshore of Sullivan's Island, SC. Our Salvage Master is an experienced leader in our industry.

Stevens Shipyard, Charleston, SCStevens Towing owns fleet of tugboats for our use in 'saving property.' They range from pushboats (300 hp) to deep sea  units (1800 hp with Nozzles).  We also have a series of operational barges to suit each project as it arises.  Our largest and strongest asset currently is the 'Savannah Giant' a 500 ton Twin Boom Shearleg Derrick.  The Savannah Giant is mounted on an 180ft x 80ft x 10ft ABS certified deck barge. Charleston Heavy Lift is curently in the process of building a new stiff leg 500 ton crane that will be mounted on a 200ft x 72ft x 14ft  ABS certified deck barge for offshore salvage work. This is expected to splash in the fall.

The Savannah Giant was instrumental in removing a 150 ton floating dry dock from the bottom of the Savannah River in March 2013.

Stevens Towing Company has Experience, Expertise, and the necessary Equipment to 'save your property' from danger.


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