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4170 Highway 165 Yonges Island, SC 29449 | USA
 (843) 889-2254

 Bos Smith
 Johnson Stevens
 Ross Miller

401 E Church Street. 5th Floor Edenton, NC 27932 USA
 (252) 482-1011

 Simon Rich
 Jenny Clifton

139 Brampton Rd. Suite 200, Garden City, GA 31408, USA
 (912) 660-3815

 Billy Groves

Important Contacts

William Johnson Stevens III
President, CEO, and Chairman of the board

Jack Hoey
VP of Finance & Administration

Benjamin B. Smith
SC Operations Manager

Simon Rich
NC General Manager

Kurt Olsen
Shipyard Coordinator

William Jones
Port Engineer

Ross T. Miller
Sales and Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Singletary
Human Resources

Joe Hoare

Bob Clauhs
Vessel Planner

Frances Whetstone
SC Accounting

Anna Middleton
SC Accounting

Jenny Clifton
NC Accounting

Will Hollowell
NC Barge Operations Manager

Joe Peal
Purchasing Agent

Myra Chubb
Safety Coordinator

(843) 889-2254 in North America
(800) 868-6946 Worldwide

(843) 889-6119